Friday, June 09, 2006

Some pics from class.

White Peach with Saffron Pate De Fruit
The Columbian
Earl Grey Tea Ganache
Pear Caramel
Raspberry Ganache
Lime Ganache

Back @ it again.

So here we go, I just completed the Introduction to Chocolate course at The French Pastry School. As usual Chef Bob put it down like a professional, open to our input and very knowledgeable. I feel I walked away with far more knowledge in the aspect of chocolate work than prior to attending the class. We covered a broad spectrum of chocolate and non chocolate confections. These confections included: Pate de Fruit, Nougat, 2 types of caramel and a nice amount of chocolates!!! I have to put this out there again, if you have not attended a class with French Pastry School and love pastry, I suggest you look into attending. I just want to say thanks to Chef Bob and the French Pastry School for making these opportunites available to us. It is truly appreciated.I will be back and trying to recruit(wink,wink) Until next entry, I'm in the wind.