Monday, October 30, 2006


It seems I have come to that almighty fork in the road. I am pondering whether or not to continue with the culinary profession or choose another occupation in order to spend more time with my son and the baby we are expecting in April. I mean don't get me wrong the culinary industry has put me through the ringer as well as made me a pretty happy man. The thing that bothers me is that in this profession(Im sure in others as well)you have to constantly sacrafice your time with loved ones including holidays and weekends. I must say that it sucks when the whole reason you work is to support your family. I'm sure people will say that it's for the love or whatever but if you're a family man such as myself, then family plays the most important role(at least to me).

I do understand that money plays a MAJOR role in our current society, but I was raised to put family before the almighty dollar. Because when money disappears, family is usually what is there after it happens. The next thing i'm sure I'll hear is, well you will still have days off. I am aware of this fact but it still isn't enough time to share with your kids. Because if you have worked in the culinary field or anything similar(ex: construction)you know those days off are needed to re-group which will take away from your kids yet again.I for one am tired of living in this manor!

Here let me beat you to the punch(haha)Poor Jevon *sob,sob*