Tuesday, March 27, 2007

10, 9, 8, 7..................."It's Almost Time"

So the countdown officially begins April 1st! My son Jayden will either appear before or after April 10th, 2007. The picture you see of my lady's tummy was taken at 35 weeks. She went back to the doctor today and we were informed that my boy is weighing well over 8 pounds!!!! So if you're family and you're reading this, it's about that time y'all...A new edition to the clan is almost here. Let's pray that there are no complications and he appears healthy. Man, I can't believe Julian is about to be a BIG BROTHER!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sio Pao: The Good & The Bad

Well, where do I start...ok, I finally tried my hand at a "Pow" recipe from the "Sweet Hands" cookbook. The experiment had it's ups and downs. My pow was either just right or filled to much and busted at the seams as you can see in the first picture...hahaha. It is a lengthy process in deed and my next try won't be anytime soon. LOL!! But I do feel a sense of accomplishment because some of them at least turned out good. Not many people can say that, ya know?! Alright, til next time.

Culinary Goals/Plans for 2007-08.

I am mapping out a gameplan to take my culinary skills to that next level, with emphasis on West Indian dishes(mainly Trini food). I am working out some plans to go learn how to make traditional indian food, trini style. that means, Pholouri(of course!!), Roti: Paratha, Sada, dhalpourie, chutney, kuchela,etc...I also want to get better at making "Pow." I love my culture in all aspects, especially the food! well, I will keep y'all posted. 'til then I gotta work at 4:45am. tomorrow, sigh..............