Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ocha Thai

Let's start this off right.....people, if you ever find yourself in vegas and if your palette is adventurous then I suggest before u gamble all your money away, look up in the air and locate the stratosphere and head directly towards it because just right across the street houses the BEST THAI FOOD in LAS VEGAS!!! The restaraunt is named Ocha Thai cuisine. I have to make a visit at least once anytime I go home to vegas. My usual quick treat to feed the need is as follows: a thai iced tea, thai beef jerky with a side of sticky rice and the best sauce I have ever tasted in my life til this day(pictured above)! I initially thought it was Nam Prik Num but when I asked one of the workers there, all they would tell me is that it was called Jaew...well whatever it is, it is off the chain!!! Smokey, Sweet,, my mouth is watering right now as I type...Go check em out y'all.


So I had the opportunity to drive up to vegas to meet up with my big bro & family. This was a much anticipated trip because I got to see my nephew and the boys got to see their uncle earl, their auntie nikki and their big cousin earl and for my youngest, this was his first encounter in person with uncle earl. Needless to say all parties involved had a blast....I will post more soon. Until then, check out the pics.