Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

So it's officially the year 2009 and it also means, I'm about to be a year older. So since 2008 was not the best year for me, I figured I would go back home to ring in the new year and start fresh for once. So I got off work and hit the road in route to vegas. I arrived in vegas around 9:00pm and began my night by visiting some old friends that I haven't seen since we were kids back in 1994! After that concluded, I in turn met up with some of my current homies and went to a new years eve house party(If you haven't attended a vegas house party then you ain't knowin for real!). I concluded my night around 5:45am.

Next,I went to sleep and 3 hours later I'm back up and makin the necessary calls to see what's on the agenda for the day. After all the calls were made, my boy steve and I decided to go have our first meal of 2009 in style, so we headed out to chinatown(yes, vegas has a china town). We landed at Cafe Noodle & Chinese Barbeque. Our order consisted of chinese broccoli with a garlic-wine sauce, Chicken & Salted Fish fried rice, a WHOLE Peking Duck and Barbeque duck, Wonton & Egg noodle soup with 2 large thai iced teas! It was definitely a proper invite for 2009! LAstly, we went to see my boy June who was working a double at The RockHouse Bar(He bartends) and that fool was already trying to get me faded with a "Katrina(Category Five: meaning it had at least 5 types of rum in the mix)"Now we went back to crash out in preperation for tonight's endeavors...Part Two coming soon..


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